Saturday, February 21, 2015

Method to Madness: Hidden treasures

One of my favorite things when I’m tackling a project is the research process. That’s because when I do research, I love digging deep for information about anything.

From dust nebulas to the differences in the fermentation processes of beer, wine and champagne, every bit of information can trigger idea. In my writing, I prefer to not be too rigid because by giving myself space, I can tap into random details that sync organically.

Life is far from logical and the more I’ve rolled with the punches and gone with the flow, the more I’ve been able to enjoy it. Writing is often the same and once I commit a pen to paper, all bets are off and rules need not apply.

By adopting this approach, I’ve been able to take things I see in a cartoon and sift that through a theological filter, before pairing with musical influences, bouncing it off psychological theories and adding a dash of random strands of information to find my story.

And that’s the point. In random bits of information, I’ve often found my stories, hidden in between paragraphs and references. Although I do have a rough idea of where I want to go, there is PLENTY of improvisation in between and that’s how I like it and a big part of how I tackle many a tale.

Rather than strictly adhering to a series of steps in the writing process. I toss the instructions out of the window and found my own way… and at least for me, I find that when I look in the mirror, I see a rich man every day. 

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