Sunday, February 1, 2015

Stories shape the world

If you look at the word history, the word itself includes story. That’s because history is the retelling of past events. That’s also because rather than some boring bullet list of facts, history does follow its own narrative.

When you see this, it becomes quite possible that everything you’ve ever experienced in your life is actually a story… and in a way, it is.

As humans, we embellish, describe and interpret things differently. We all make our own story of a story. Just go to a party with three people and ask them about it the next day. Then ask again in three weeks. Before long, you can even reminisce over that one time you all went to that party where so and so did such and such and that thing that happened still makes you laugh. That’s because experiences may come and go, but stories remain and not only that, they can change the world.

People can debate over the existence of God and Jesus all they want, but they can’t say that their tale doesn’t exist. In addition, denying the impact of said story is actually non-negotiable. And it’s not all bad either.

So seeing this, we can make a great case that stories can shape the world. When you see some of the oldest tales told, within the narrative, there are values, morals, ideals and lessons. That's why they last.

Take even something as basic as the story of Santa Claus. “If you are a good boy or girl, you will get presents. If not, you will get coal. And make sure you’re always nice, because I’m always watching.” Now although some people might make a case that Santa Claus is similar to God in that sense, you can see that even something as simplistic as the child bribing tale of Saint Nick, you can see the power of the story. Good behavior = presents.

When I commit words to a story, a poem, a novel, a song or a blog posts, I don’t do it lightly. I know the power of words because apart from making a living thanks to words, I’m well aware of the impact of a story, especially in my life. From film to books to comics and videogames to the stories I tell and those I’ve been told, the power of a well told narrative is massive.

Even a speech can be a story. A team can find the inspiration to win a game and a nation can also allow itself to have a dream from the power of a well told story.

A good story begs for visualization from the reader for maximum impact. Studies have shown that inmates and patients are more responsive to rehabilitation and treatment when exposed to a positive narrative.

So take a second and let that sink in. Lives can be changed, reformed and even saved thanks to a story.

Now ask yourself one thing:

What do you want to achieve with your story?


  1. With my story i want people to believe that unimaginable things do happen,we usually like things we think are good for us but we will always end up getting things that are Great for us and kindness,kindness is the biggest virtue,a small word,a simple gesture makes a world of a difference to someone,also that perfection exists,cause i'm so perfect...heehee ...nice post this one too,so you J D :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post, Seema. Looking fwd to many new chapters and poems in your story. :D Here's to kindness of all types coinciding to make the world a little better. Peace, love, and maki rolls.

  2. yes :) peace and maki rolls :) see you around.