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Writer Wednesday: Indie author Joe Compton

When it comes to hard working nice people, few people can compete with Joe Compton. He's pushed his Go Indie Now movement through dedication and commitment and bit by bit, more people have joined into the indie fun. But behind The Godfather of Go Indie Now, there is a writer showcasing his work with true indie spirit and grit. I wrote Joe and asked if he'd be down for another chat after we chatted for my Driven volume dedicated to his Go indie Now efforts and his response was a resounding "hell yes, sir" (always keeps his manners even when he curses.)

Who is Joe Compton and what is he best known for? 

He is an Indie Artist, someone who cares about people, and someone who has a passion that will never be extinguished. He has published a crime thriller called “Amongst The Killing” and who has made 3 of his own short films and produced or been part of the crew of a dozen or so more.

What does writing mean to you?

It’s my soul’s breath. It’s where I face my fears and find that deeper meaning to the introspection I inhabit with this life every day.

I know you as the Godfather of Go Indie Now, which is why we featured your movement on Driven, how has Go Indie impacted Joe the writer?

Well learning is something I try to do every day and in every interview I am learning something. I am definitely a better writer, maybe a better professional writer is more apt because I am constantly using the tricks and tips I am asking about and it has helped my process immensely.

You were in the Marines, how long did you serve and how has that influenced your art?

4 years. It has given me a lot actually. I found an inner discipline and it really shows you how to get from point a to b so much more effectively. I know that may not make a lot of sense but I spent a lot of time in my youth zig-zagging.

What is the inspiration for Amongst the Killing and what is the story about?

The first inspiration comes from something I was taught as a youngster, which was the principle that there are 2 sides to every story. I like exploring Duality and I wanted to write about something 2 people were experiencing at the same time and yet point out how different the stories are but also how similar they are at the same time. The Detective/Murderer scenario that it ended up being didn’t come into the fold until much, much later. I read this true crime book about Homicide Detectives in LAPD and was so riveted by it I wrote the writer of it and they hooked me up with the detective of the book, long retired but he and I spent almost 2 days together talking (him talking, me listening) about his life and that’s when I turned  the book into what it is now.

If you made a time capsule right now, what would you put in and why?

GoIndieNow T-shirt, a memory stick with episodes of GoIndienow on it, my kindle loaded with all the awesome indie books and movies I have bought, and an iPod with all the music I have collected as well, 1 package of Donut Shop coffee, and a 12 pack of Keystone beer (because that beer can be 20 years old and still taste the same as if it was freshly brewed, it's uncanny).

Apart from writing, how else do you express yourself creatively?

GoIndieNow is my outlet. I love making videos and doing interviews and panels but I also miss and love how I used to just put a crew together and shoot a short film over a couple of weekends.

The best and worst parts of writing?

Best part is when you are in the zone, when you are just writing chunks and chunks of material, there is no nothing like it. I get so lost in it and just feel so alive doing it. Worst part of writing is when you are in a spot where you think of something and even if you can write it down or dictate it, you can’t flush it out like you could if you were actually in a writing session. I carry something with me every day, everywhere for those moments. I write an emotion or a song title that I can go back too to get back into it. That’s been my little trick but it always frustrates me a little at the moment when this happens.

When Amongst the Killing is made into a movie, who do you want on the soundtrack and why?

Okay, I am going to answer this question as if I would have something to do with the movie and to give you an answer but let me say this… if by some chance Amongst The Killing was ever to be made into a movie or offered to be made into a movie I would have nothing to do with that process. I would gladly take the payday for the rights and walk away. I gave so much of myself to writing this. I did everything creatively I wanted to do with it. Film is so collaborative and I would love to see someone else take a shot at interpreting the text into a screenplay and subsequently a movie on a screen. I don’t need to do that. I have plenty of other ideas for movies I want to make. I wanted this to be a book because I just felt that’s where this story belonged to be told. I like how other people interpret what I am saying and that it becomes a personal message to them. I don’t know if I would have had the same reaction for this story if it was a movie. So I was very happy to write it as a novel and be done.

Now for the answer, I would say, for me personally, I would love to see someone who does conceptual albums like King Diamond, or Opeth, or even a Coldplay or Alter Bridge take this on. I think there is a certain tone to the text and all of the bands I mentioned have that ambiance in their music.

Where can people connect with you?






YouTube/GoIndieNow’s Channel:

Thank you for this opportunity J. D. Loved all these questions.

* * * *

My thanks to Joe for his time, his dedication, and his kindness. It's wonderful to have good people in our lives, especially those who remind us that this moment is the best time to Go Indie Now. 

Peace, love, and maki rolls

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