Sunday, January 7, 2018

2018 – A Year of Focus

Every year I try to find a word that encompasses what I want the next 365 days to look like and for this year, the word is focus. I also try and get a mantra up and going because it helps but last year I didn’t write one… so since we’re doing things different this year, here’s my mantra for 2018:

“I practice discipline and focus to always pursue relentlessly that which matters to me.
I smile at my path and walk it grateful of the journey, the lessons, and the progress I make daily.”

With that mindset, here are my goals for 2018:


1. For Writing Out Loud – first Blog collection. It will be edited, refined, and finished in January.

2. Given to Fly – I shall finish this manuscript and get the cover it deserves. I will also be looking for beta readers, so if you’re interested in a middle grade fantasy about a boy who dreams about flying, write me.

3. Peace, Love, and Maki Rolls – my NaNo project was a nonfiction work talking about my life philosophy in my mission to continue making as much of a positive impact as I possibly can. I’m no Dalai Lama but if I can make inspire anyone to do anything for the sake of doing good, then it’s worth it.

4. Method to Madness - look at #2 below for more info :D In case you’re wondering, what’s in this list is already underway and set to publish while the next list is more works in progress. :D

5. Daydreams Vol 2. I shall focus and this shall come to Raelity.

6. Natural Intelligence – My first sci-fi work is a novella. It shall be released this year. Beta Readers will
also be needed.


1. Write 3 new poetry collections beginning in January. These three collections will be exploring the topics of Love, Heartbreak, and Hope. Some poems are incredibly old and will be reworked and revisited, while many will be new. It’s something I’ve wanted to write for a long while and I think it’s the right time for that.

2. Organize, write, edit, and publish a book with writing tips and techniques. This is a project I started last year and I want to finish it sooner rather than later.

3. Bilingual poetry collection.

4. Puerto Rican Haiku collection.

5. Make a print version of my Blanc Comics to push this project to the next level.

6. Begin work on a historical paranormal fantasy story exclusive for my Wattpad page. I want to share my writing experience with people so they see the process of a project. If it makes it to print one day will be seen. This will be for the pure love of writing first and foremost and has been inspired in part by fellow indie author Christie Stratos and the music video for Nine Inch Nail's Perfect Drug.

7. Write a Spanish fantasy middle grade novel set in Puerto Rico. Something I really want to do this year in support of my Island. It has fairies inspired in part by Maricel Jiménez, a fellow indie author of the Pixie Piper series and great friend who always offers support in a variety of ways.

8. Begin work on a contemporary comedy set within the advertising industry. Something I’ve been mulling over for a while and I think this is a good year to give it a go and keep things flowing and fun. You can expect adult situations, language, and inappropriate humor. All part of a well-balanced TBR.

9. A special project with mom. Pending to get word from her but I would love for us to do something together :D We’ll see what comes forth from me and Momma E. :)

10. My Noir Novel. Will get those notes and will continue work in this project.

11. Greek mythology project. Will ALSO get those notes and start work here as well.

12. Begin work on Book 3 of the Human Cycle. Research will be intense but I have a good idea of how it will flow. It’s all a matter of organizing myself and focusing.

13. More songs. More songs were done last year including some new ones. This year I’ll continue posting new songs on YouTube and if you’re curious as to what I sound like in song version, here’s a link to my songs on my BookTube/YouTube channel. 

14. More interviews. Had several interviews and participations in panels, which is always fun. Will work on this more and look for interviews in local publications and other book blogs. If you’d like to interview me, let me know, be it for your blog, your podcast, or your YouTube channel. In that line, I’ll also be doing more interviews and collaborations for this blog, from other authors and artists so keep an eye out for that. :D

15. Book Events. Apart from the Puerto Rico Comic Con, I didn’t have a book event in 2017. This will change in 2018. Period.

16. Puerto Rico Comic Con. Last year was my fourth year in the Con. It’s always a rewarding experience and last year was no exception with plenty of beautiful surprises. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to the Con this year mainly to do with a money situation. In short, I do well in shows, but when you add travel to the costs, I went under last year and need another year to save up to be able to do the Con back home and stateside the right way, while continuing to publish work. This year I will instead focus on events in Georgia and Tennessee and see how those go.


- Get more reviews. This is never ending but will be writing about this more in depth and be focusing on this intensely. If you have a book blog or know someone who does or a booktube channel and would like to help, by all means, contact me and let's see how we can make this work.

- Website… nuff said.

- Be on the best of year list of at least 10 people. I know I was in the best of list of at least one person. As January progresses, I’ll see if I get into 9 more lol. But will work to be on a couple for this year.

- Get nominated for something lol. Didn’t happen, don’t know how to make this happen, any suggestion on this, by all means let me know.

- I have specific goals for social media and will share soon in a post dedicated exclusively to my work on social media.

So that’s what I have in store. It is a lot but my main focus will be the first 6 items from the first list (another reason for the separate lists) and then flowing into the others.

I used the word focus above and once again come to boxing when looking for the perfect metaphor of what 2017 was and what I want 2018 will be. 2017 was me being a brawler focusing on volume punching. It's a popular style of fighting but often times too much energy is spent in throwing shots carelessly that do not connect or just pushing forwards without being effective. When I think to my favorite fighters, sure they're not afraid to slug it out, but what draws me to them is heart and in ring IQ. They look to place the right shot at the right moment and I can't think of a better highlight of a career than Juan Manuel Márquez, who also retired last year. Apart from being what I believe to be the best Mexican boxer in the history of the country, his tetralogy of fights against Manny Pacquiao are some of the best boxing you'll ever seen culminating with one of the most devastating counter punches I've ever seen in my life. Manny Pacquiao was pressing the action, he was relentless even after having gotten knocked down earlier in the fight. He looked like the stronger fighter, but the perfect punch nullified any efforts. 

This year I will not be afraid to slug it out but I'll be looking for my shots with each of my goals, and when the opportunity is right, I'll capitalize and show what one determined and focused human can do in the pursuit of what matters. 

Let’s see what grade I get for the year and how I progress. What do you think of this batty list? What are you most looking forwards to? What are some of your goals for the year? What will you hold as your mindset for 2018?

Peace, love, and maki rolls.

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