Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A new adventure: Estrada Crates

For a LONG time, I’ve wanted to connect directly with readers. That’s why I’ve done book signings, events where I present my work and even play music, and gone to the Puerto Rico Comic Con numerous years. But still, I’ve always wanted to have a direct connection with people that can’t make it to an event. So 2018 is the year where I try something different and present Estrada Crates.

I’ve mentioned before that if you want to get my books, one of your best options is Libros 787 and that is still very much the case. One of the reasons is that anyone who makes an order through their website gets a free eBook copy of any of my books just for supporting a Puerto Rican business. I might add that this is a permanent offer because these people run a good business, support local talent, and they offer a lot of hope to people back home who are wondering how to keep moving forwards after Hurricane María. That said, I also wanted to offer something different. In short, if you want to pick up some books and are in a rush, Libros 787 is your go-to place. If you want something different and aren’t in much of a rush, then read below.

I am a big fan of people who adopt a DIY ethos in regards to their goals and dreams. People who come to mind include Pearl Jam and especially Fugazi, a band who did things on their terms, and charged super cheap tickets even if they were one of the best bands of their time or any time. So I got to thinking and being a part of BookTube, unboxings have always been a fascinating thing to watch for me. People coming into contact with a little box full of surprises, the happiness when something catches their attention, and having that direct connection thanks to a personalized detail. Since this is a pilot version, I will only take a limited amount of orders and do ask for patience in case I need to put in an order for more books (a “problem” I wouldn’t mind having :D).

That said, the effort is limited to the US, Puerto Rico, and other US territories due to shipping costs and me seeing how I can handle international orders. My idea is to not charge additional tax or shipping and simply charge a flat rate where everything is included. I like things tidy like that and miss the days where you paid a fixed amount for something. In regards to International shipping, I’m still trying to decipher options because doing a test run, the cost to ship all my books internationally is about $50… just for shipping. Not happy about that but I will continue to look for options to send signed copies of my work. In the meantime, if you’re in Puerto Rico, mainland US or anywhere where reasonable USPS shipping costs are honored, here are the options I’m offering. I’ll close up with the HOW you can get your own Estrada Crate.

“Testing the waters” Poetry Crate - $20

-       2 signed and dedicated poetry collections of your choosing
-       1 original Post-it Poem
-       1 Personalized Letter

“Lyrical Likeness” Crate - $30
-       4 signed and dedicated poetry collections
-       1 Original Post-it Poem
-       1 Personalized Letter

“Well versed” Poetry Crate - $50
-       All 6 released poetry collections, signed and dedicated
-       2 original Post-It poems
-       1 Personalized Letter

“More Human than Human Crate” - $50
-       Copies of both Only Human and Shadow of a Human, signed and dedicated
-       1 signed and dedicated poetry collection
-       2 original Post-It poems
-       1 Personalized Letter

“Bilingual” Crate - $50
-       1 English poetry collection
-       1 Spanish poetry collection
-       1 copy of Twenty Veinte (Bilingual Collection)
-    1 surprise book or books of my choosing
-       2 Post-It Poems (1 English – 1 Spanish)
-       1 Personalized Letter

“Estrada Sampler” Crate - $70

-       Copy of Only Human, signed and dedicated
-       Copy of 1 poetry collection, signed and dedicated
-       Copy of Twenty Veinte, first bilingual collection, signed and dedicated bilingually
-       Copy of The Daydreams on the Sherbet Shore, signed and dedicated
-       1 Post-it Poem
-       1 Personalized Letter

The “What's in the Box!!!” Crate - $80
-    You tell me what you're into and I'll send a box specially catered to you, including signed and dedicated books, 4 Post-it Poems, a personalized letter, and surprise or four. :)

“The Kitchen Sink” Crate - $120 a (Regular price - $160)
-       All 12 of my published works signed and dedicated
-       5 Post-it Poems
-       Overview of upcoming works
-       1 Personalized Letter


1.     Contact me via DM on Twitter or Facebook
2.    Get your parents’ permission if you’re not 18 years or older
3.    Have a PayPal account or ATH Móvil
4.    Order

Btw, in regards to the box itself, I’ll be doing my best to use old boxes that either I or other people don’t use in my efforts to promote recycling. If it gets to the point where this can be a more continuous thing, I’ll be looking into options where my efforts make the smallest impact on the environment possible.

Thanks for your time and if you do order an Estrada Crate, I’d love for you to do an unboxing, and share your experience.

Peace, love, and maki rolls


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