Sunday, February 10, 2019

Calling All Indie Musicians

So I realized something a little silly: I’ve never officially announced I do indie music reviews on Go Indie Now’s flagship show… and I’ve been doing it for like a year LOL. That’s me in a nutshell. 

Ok, so last year, my good friend, Joe Compton (Founder of Go Indie Now and author of Amongst the Killing) needed someone to do indie music reviews, I asked if he needed help, and he said hell yes.

I’ve always loved sharing interesting musical discoveries with friends and family and thought this would fit right in with that. I took it upon myself to check which artists I’ve listened to that are fully indie and have found quite a few artists to share… but there’s always room to share more.

I’m calling out all indie musicians and bands alike because I know exposure isn’t exactly easy. At Go Indie Now the mantra is simple, support indies so they can do more of what they love. We’ve reviewed instrumental artists, acoustic guitarists, pianists, singer-songwriters, cellists, hip-hop acts, punk rockers, and this year we started out by reviewing an EP from a Spanish rock band from Valencia, Spain. That’s because there are indie artists around the world and we’d like to showcase how much talent there is out there. So consider this your invitation to get in touch with us so I can listen to and review your music and if you’re interested, we might even have a slot to interview you on the show.

Reviews are casual, conversational, and discussed with the intention of convincing people to check you out. If you’d like to hear how they are, below are the links to the segments where I’ve reviewed the artists. Just click the artist name to go the the video.

Lowercase Noises 

So by all means, if you're an indie artist or are in an indie band and would like for us to check you out, either comment here, write to me on my Facebook Author Page or get in touch with Joe Compton

Peace, love, and maki rolls


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