Thursday, February 7, 2019

My year in reading – 2018

So a full month into 2019 and I’m finally able to talk a bit about my reading year last year, which even with alllllll the madness I still managed to get my read on. 

Final tally? 47 books. I had a couple of goals and I achieved them. Will talk about those further down below, but first, here’s the rundown to get more into specifics:

- Male authors: 28 books

- Female authors: 17 books

- Indie books: 17 books

- Library books: 14 

- Poetry: 11

- Fiction: 22

- Graphic novels: 14

- Non-fiction: 2 books

- Spanish books: 5

In regards to the ratings, here’s a recap of the quality of reads as perceived by moi. Btw, there are reviews on Goodreads for all the books I read last year. 

5 star – 13
4 star – 23
3 star – 8
2 star - 1 
1 star – 1

So all in all, a pretty awesome year I have to say. I had the goal to have a more balanced male to female ratio, to take more books out from the library, to balance out with poetry, and to read more Spanish. The reading more Spanish continues and will also be looking into reading more non-fiction, but overall, I’m very happy with what I read. 

Stay tuned for my best of books of 2018. But first, how about you? How was your reading year last year? Did you have any specific goals you wanted to reach? Thanks for reading, and til next time…

Peace, love, and maki rolls


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