Sunday, November 2, 2014

Birth of a Twist

In my search for photography that captures what I’m trying to communicate, I often get to the point of “good enough”. Add to this that I also have to worry about copyrights and other details, and lately more and more I’ve opted to use my own visuals to convey my message.

I want more than good enough, I wanted something mine... but I needed some help.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m fascinated by humanity and what makes us human. That said, I wanted something simple and basic to communicate things that are complex and while searching for something to help me out, I remembered an old friend who kept me company in many an ad agency and helped me mindsurf to relieve stress.

He was with me for the longest time and I always wondered if there was something more for us to share. Recently, I remembered Twist. I wrote him a message, asked if he’d like to help and this was his reply:

“As long as you take pictures of me surfing, count on me for anything.”

So here he is, dear friends. The model at the For Writing Out Loud blog, Twist.


Oh and here's a pic of our first surf session. 

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