Saturday, November 8, 2014

We can all change our eyes

For the longest time I was a pessimist, I got angry easily and had a hard time letting go of grudges. I also did a great job at justifying all of these feelings so if anyone asked me why I was angry, I had the perfect basis, the right answer that would hold water and that they'd have to take me as I was...

Life had a way of showing me just how much energy I was wasting with this attitude. Don't get me wrong, I still get angry, although there's a marked difference in duration and on me staying with my single vision rather than practicing empathy.

The fact remains that although it took its toll on me, it was easy to be angry, it was easy to not be tolerant and it was easy to retaliate.

As years have passed, I've grown to appreciate the power and influence of hindsight and have looked to my past in search of answers to move forwards. It hasn't always been easy and there has been more than one bitter pill to swallow... still, I'm better for it. I feel better, I'm calmer, more in control and it doesn't hurt to be positives... especially in the face of adversity.

Although it was a long process, the decision took one moment. Drop the tainted glasses and put on a new pair. One that gave me balance and control, no matter what has come along.

Do I trip and sometimes fall off the wagon? Of course. Old habits are hard to break... still, breaking them has been one of the best things in my life because I've been able to channel my energy to do things that matter a hell of a lot more to me than making a clever sarcastic remark full of spite.

So here's to choosing the eyes with which we see life.

After all, it's always about choice and this was mine.


  1. i do wish i had this trait of letting go in hard that i remember everythingbut i never retaliate ...i hate losing my cool when someone wants me to...i will not let anyone affect me that way...thank you for this ever positive write...will work on it :)

    1. Letting go is one of the hardest things to do in life. I am also not a fan of losing my cool and it's always up to us how to react, even if the situation is dire