Monday, November 10, 2014

Defining infinity

The concept of infinity is fascinating. If you subscribe to the theory that energy is neither created nor destroyed, then infinity starts to gain some poetry in your perspective.

For me, energy is completely plastic in the sense that we can mold it AND it's recyclable.

When you part from this point of view, you see that what you put into life is often what you get out of it. I won't say there aren't exceptions where you definitely would like to call your server at the karma restaurant and ask why you got some foul plate.

Still, for the last couple of years, adopting a more positive point of view has helped me leaps and bounds to deal with various challenges that have come along the way, not to mention it has helped me focus on my writing.

Infinity goes on and on and on, and we can influence it. One good deed at a time, one good action at a time, one selfless favor you don't do expecting anything in return. I've seen the return investment of being kinder, more generous and nicer. It's worth it because I realize why the concept of infinity is so scary for so many people: it includes a lot of things we do not know and it swims in an ocean of uncertainty.

The unknown and uncharted territory in general are definitely intimidating; still, if you go with a decent attitude, odds are quite high you can actually enjoy everything you explore.

So next time someone cuts you off, says something rude or simply sucks, feel free to ignore and instead of retaliating, use that energy for something else. And I'm not talking always peace and love. Trust me, many a person has been on the wrong side of a fan when the poop hits it in my stories. That isn't a coincidence. It's just my way of knowing how to use what life gives me.

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