Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Writer Wednesday: Claudette Anne Pearson

People ask me all the time where do the ideas for my stories come from and I always answer that a

good idea can come from anywhere, take a random conversation for instance.

Last year, while I was chatting with different people and getting a hang on interacting with others on Twitter, I came across a fascinating young artist/writer and our random conversation was so epic I told her I’d make a short story series based on our musings. Now that I will be releasing the physical version of the Daydreams on the Sherbet Shore, I wanted to let readers meet the incomparable Claudette from those stories.

1. Hi Claudette, so happy to have you here in Raelity for a change. To start things off, why don’t you tell us who you are and what you do?

Hello and thank you for having me :) Well I'm Claudette and my official title is mum and domestic engineer by day and then I write and draw a lot by night (but never stop being a mum though, that's 24/7).

2. I’ve read some of your work and love your Instagram feed, where do you get your inspiration from?

Thank you :) inspiration for me comes from all sources. Wherever I may be in the moment. I could catch a glimpse of something, even something run-of-the-mill and get an idea from it. You have to have your inspiration antenna in tune because who knows what signals you might get?

3. What do you think about the Daydreams of the Sherbet Shore and where would you like for us to visit in the future?

I think they’re wonderful. Thanks for writing them :) It’s fantastical, zany and fun, love them! It would be great to sip some extra bubbly curiosity cola at the Parched Pumpkin and then travel in a candy floss zeppelin maybe further north and visit some more intriguing characters.

4. How would you describe your style?

Comic strip chic.  >.<

5. What are you currently working on?

A stop-motion short about marrying a lycanthrope, which I wrote a rhyme about initially. Also revisiting a rhyme book with illustrations and then I’d love to make a space opera graphic novel or possibly invent a machine that gives you extra hours in the day to fit everything in :)

6. If you had your own planet, what would you call it and what would it be like?

Love it! I think a disco ball planet named "Neon". The atmosphere changes colour with each orbit of its sun and every continent is a giant fun fair. Seas of pop with giant geysers that erupt but that's because of the mega ring pulls on the seabed you see. Underground fizz :)

7. You are told you have a £50 M budget for a film, what would you like to create?

Remake "Space Odyssey" but go to the actual locations and construct a time machine and go to Moonwatcher's neighbourhood. But that's cheating isn't it? Are remakes allowed with this budget?

8. Who are your influences?

There's so many so here's the short version :) They're in all kinds of places, far and wide.

Spike Milligan, Edward Gorey, Dr. Seuss, Roald Dahl. I love their worlds of nonsense and magic. Films too and I like filmmakers such as Tim Burton, Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott, Ken Russell, Pixar! I only recently became aware of Mary Blair (shame) who did art for Disney.

Intelligent conversations, oldskool music, astronomy, ideas from books, Keith Moon! ;) I've been reading the book "Dear Boy". He started as a mental drummer before he had a kit which made me think you have to believe and know you're something first, then you become that thing; be it an artist or whatever.

9. What does the Crayon Parlour look like and smell like?

Currently, it has the interior of the Millennium Falcon but pastel pink with chandeliers. It smells of courageous hope baked in a chocolate cake.

10. What works do you have available and where can people find and follow you for more things awesome?

I have a few books on Amazon one of those is called "Loretta's Got Her Monster Balloons" which is nonsense really. And I have two websites:

And sometimes you can find me on Twitter as well @crayonparlour for more ridiculousness :)

(If I'm not at any of those locations you might find me in a rocket on the way to Planet Neon for a dance).


So there you have it friends, be sure to check her out on all social media and her websites. You won’t be disappointed and more than likely a lot surprised, though in the good, crazy, zany and random way we could all use a little bit more of every day.


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