Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The truth of a bad day

When we have a less than stellar day, seeing into the future is quite the challenge. Oftentimes we latch onto negative emotional anchors that truly deter us from getting anywhere.

Still, there are some lovely facts to hold onto that will help you cut the ropes of the anchors to sail towards brighter seas.

  1. You choose how to handle the day. Although there are many things we could focus on, the fact remains, you have more power and more control than you give yourself credit for. ALWAYS remember that.
  2. A bad day is actually quite often less than 24 hours, so even a bad day is technically quite often not a full bad day because we are usually awake for 16-18 hours.
  3. We can choose to have a better day the moment we decide to only carry the clothes on our backs. It sounds simple to leave a problem to the side and the fact is that it can be. We decide how much time to invest on a something and to develop and nurture mindsets we can switch to.
  4. There is always someone going through more than you. I can’t stress how effective this has been in my life to adopt a more positive and thankful mindset.
  5. It is well within our capabilities to dispense with the romanticizing of misery. Sure being sad and angry can help us create something beautiful, but so can looking past those emotions.

Face it, bad days can, do and will happen. It’s up to you whether you want to brave the storm or capsize at the first sign of waves. 

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