Monday, January 5, 2015

Disagreeing to agree

Growing, learning and evolving takes effort. So does getting along with people who don’t agree with you on something.

“I have friends who I don’t agree with on certain things” is the single most hollow statement anyone can make.

Eventually there is something you will not agree with someone on, simply because we are different people.

And that




NOT agreeing with someone invites debate, conversation, the sharing of ideas and the invitation to try someone else’s shoes on for a while. It invites us to grow and understand.

This works best when it is not a debate. There need not be a winner in every exchange. Jedi can be as good as Empire Strikes Back. Vanilla can be as good as chocolate. Our viewpoints can happily coexist in a draw.

Still, the pull for needing to win is what has so many countries in the state they are in. It is why so much violence happens... and it doesn’t have to.

In our shared perspective, right and wrong lose meaning when we take into account the degree from which someone speaks. So here’s to growing together, instead of apart and seeing the beauty of a disagreement. 

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