Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Talking through

Conversations are some of the most rewarding experiences in life, especially when there’s no roles, no egos, no positions, no puffery or posturing. The exchange of stories, thoughts, opinions and positive energy through dialogue is something I truly enjoy.

Way too often, people are obsessed with impressing someone and they miss out on the opportunity to share life. I recently had a conversation with someone I’ve held in high esteem for years and a friend of his, who’s also someone of caliber.

Between one thing and another, it turns out the new guy helps startups, is a sounding board for ideas and new business and is someone more than one person probably works to be on their good side.

We just talked.

We exchanged ideas and banter and thoughts on life. I gave him my card more than anything so he can check my blog out and maybe give a read and find something cool to chew on. I didn’t do it to get him to write me to see how he could help me be successful. He has enough on his plate.

I did what I did because I wasn’t talking with any interest in mind. It was just a wonderful, random talk. And I’m completely satisfied with that. It is awesome because sometimes your need to talk and talk of random things just for the hell of it.

So here’s to good conversations with good people. 


  1. Just a simple talk can be so much. This is so true. When it's just two hearts & souls communicating--without wanting anything from each other. Just the joy of sharing words and experiences.

    And being fully present ..

    Priceless . Great post!

    1. indeed, Lin. It's nice to just talk and share. and like you said, being FULLY present. So hard.

      Thanks for the kudos and hope you have a lovely day