Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happiness can be a nose

People often find themselves in a state of sadness. There are so many things to focus on, to worry about
and to be frustrated by.

Just turn on the news.

That’s because for some reason, misery sells. I’m not sure what it sells or why it sells but take a moment to listen to people talking around you. Hear and focus on fragments of conversation.

My job sucks. 

My car sucks. 

I suck.

Seriously, there’s more sucking going on in every day conversation than at a Dyson testing facility.

Just the fact you have money to buy food and a functional mouth with which to eat it is reason enough to be happy. And still we complain.

It comes to mind that this happens because happiness is a nose.

It is small, can only slightly be seen by our eyes and only comes into perspective in a reflection elsewhere. It’s right there, it doesn’t go anywhere, it’s in the center of your face and still, we can’t see it.

But check it out; it’s there.

Reach out.

Touch it.


Now do the same with your nose. 

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