Friday, January 23, 2015

Wilt or Weather

Life has challenges.

Life will shower you with frustrations from time to time.

Things will happen and you have two choices in the matter:

Wilt or Weather.

On the one hand, you can cave in; temporarily or just throw in the towel. For however unsavory that action is, always remember, it is an option. I know people who have been in a job for fifteen years that doesn’t inspire them.

“It pays the bills”

“I have job security”

“You shouldn’t let go of a good thing”

These are all sensible thoughts and opinions and in the end, we are all entitled to choose the path we think is right. Wilting need not be hitting rock bottom. The example above is not someone who lives under a bridge, but it is someone that settled. It is someone that came up with such a logically powerful argument that it becomes the reason for not pursuing a dream. And yes, even if it doesn’t seem that way, said person may have wilted. Call it what you will, the safe bet, the easy route, or ensuring your wellbeing... there is an element of wilting in those actions or lack of actions and denying it will only be a disservice to you, your dreams and your potential.

That said, wilting is not a bad thing. There are people happy to conform. There are people who are happy to hit a single. There are those that don’t need to push their luck.

Still... there are others who don’t.

There are those whose day-to-day life drives them insane. Who don’t want to settle. Who can’t bear the mere thought of retiring from their current place of employment. Those are the people who brave life to weather the storm.

Weathering a storm means looking ahead, past the storm. It means you won’t always be where you are and that you know it for a fact. It means that the waves crashing on your vessel are a test, not a lifelong imposition. It means that if you press forwards and insist, sunshine awaits.

So here’s to weathering or wilting for the decision is ours to make. 

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