Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Feed the RIGHT fires

We are beings of energy and how we spend that energy determines what we do with the time we have in our lives. As such, sometimes we fall into vicious cycles that may be frustrating. It’s something that happens because we’re human, because life happens, and because some things get to us.

I mention this because sometimes, one of the biggest challenges of a problem is that we can’t seem to shake it and our attention is set squarely on that problem and not much else. It becomes a fire that demands you to feed it. It could be a spark but we’re generous in how we feed it and we end up spending way too much time thinking and obsessing over that fire. The problem is that in life, we have several fires running at the same time… and this other fire takes away from the ones that matter.

You have a fire for the people you love, a fire for staying healthy, a fire for helping others, a fire to do the right thing, and a fire to bring your best. Problems steal your attention, your time, your peace of mind and rob you and others of the experience of you giving your best. You suddenly find yourself throwing ALL of your “wood” into that fire and it turns out to be a bonfire on a warm night with no marshmallows in sight… meaning you spent all your wood and have NOTHING to show for it, except that you obsessed over something and overlooked the things that matter.

Start taking back your time and your wood. Feed the right fires. The fire of your health; mental, physical, and spiritual. The fire of your loved ones: call your friends, call your mom and dad, call your brothers, call the people that matter and let them know they matter. Feed the fire of your passions: create, use that energy and frustration from your problem and harness it. Don’t let it destroy you and be a waste of time. And lastly, feed the fire that fuels the engine of your life. Your problems are situations. They have solutions. They will invite you to obsess. They burn up fuel quickly and waste resources. Don’t give it the attention it craves. Instead, let the engines of your existence run full steam ahead.

All of this is for one reason, and one reason only:

If you feed the right fires, you’ll never get burned.

Peace, love, and maki rolls.

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