Thursday, November 26, 2015

My thanks for a friend

I’ve been blessed to know some very special people in my life who have helped me at one point in time or another. Katty Krumhansl is one of them. I met Katty through advertising and we were able to share some good times in probably the best advertising team I’ve ever worked with. The type of team you talk about for years. The type of team whose memories make you smile.

In addition to the time we worked together, she actually referred me to a job when I really needed it and for that and many other things, I am thankful for her, although above all else, for her being a friend.

Recently, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

During the last year, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, received treatment, underwent surgery, more treatment and is currently cancer free. In that same time, a very dear friend was also diagnosed, operated and also went through her treatment. Today they are both alive and doing fantastic and I know how blessed I am to have them both doing so well. 

Katty is of the same type of human: strong, independent and with a wicked sense of humor. The difference is that she doesn't have health insurance, so she has to find alternative ways to get the money she needs to get the care her health requires. Today being Thanksgiving, I wanted to help a friend by making a donation but also wanted to share this will all the kind people who read me for three reasons:

1. To ask for good intentions and thoughts. Religions matter not, just good vibrations being sent to a friend I always think can help. 

2. To share the link of her crowdfunding. Click here to go to her page and read below for the translation of the text:

“In support of our friend, Katty Kumhansl

Our friend will undergo surgery this coming December 15 and will subsequently receive treatment for 5 years due to a recent diagnosis of breast cancer. Anyone who knows her as a friend or a professional can attest to her quality as a human being and her commitment to excellent on or off the job.

Unfortunately, Katty lost her job with the Puerto Rico Tourism company almost 2 years ago and due to the economic crisis in the country has only managed to find part time work, which means she lacks medical insurance.

She’s being her usual strong but cheeky self to get cured of this “cold” as she prefers to call it. She has had the help of friends, health professionals and the American Cancer society, where she has a friend who works there.

Having to face a cancer diagnosis is hard… having to add to that the worry of not having the means to cover the costs for treatment definitely adds to the burden, which we may actually help relieve.
Let’s help Katty out and let her know she has all of us in her corner for the fight!

For more information, you can email:”

And number 3 is to let you know that anyone that shares the link or makes a donation can get a free thank you pack I've prepared exclusively for her cause. You just click share or make a donation, take a screenshot, email me at and you get it for free.

This is my way of saying thank you to Katty for all her kindness and thank you to anyone who reads this blog for helping pay it forward.

Peace, love, and maki rolls


  1. George, YOU are the special one!!! Thank you so much for your kindness, you stirred me to tears... of happiness and gratefullness.

    Gracias de todo corazón.

    1. I'm just as grateful for you, dear Katt. Se te quiere muchísimo y pa lante siempre, que pa tras sólo pal perreo ;)