Monday, November 2, 2015

Captured Moments by JD Estrada

It's official, my fifth release is out and it is a new poetry collection. Following the trend or lack of one from the previous two collections, Captured Moments follows a completely different trek in style and concept.

The name of the game in this compilation is variety and capturing a moment as pure as possible. Most of these poems are at the most second drafts and have little if any editing. I wanted to really capture something raw about what's running around in my head. Some poems are a short narrative like Bob Macabre, while others are very much centered in social issues that are important to me; Equals, The layman's term and Selfie Sophie come to mind.

There's even silly little ditties because sometimes you need to have fun. The intention is to show a snapshot of what runs around my mind and the different facets within.

It was a joy to write and as an added bonus, my wife made the cover of the collection. She actually designed several options but when I saw this one and she saw my reaction, it was clear we'd found the winning visual and that the soul of the collection had indeed been captured.

Oftentimes, people see me walking around with a notebook or several of them, actually. When asked why, there are several answers but the one that resonates the most is that inspiration is all around you and you need a bug net to catch as many muses as you can. For me, be it a story, a haiku, a poem, a chapter, or a blogpost don't wait... they want to be written and I better pay attention or they'll leave.

This collection is definitely me embracing the spontaneous nature of muses and showing just how much we can capture, if we pay attention to what our soul is saying. Initial reviews have been very positive and it's been just a couple of hours. My appreciation for the people who have dropped a line and shown interest is profound because thanks to them, we can prove that poetry is still current, it's very important and that some of the most important things we will say in our lives can come through in verse form. Stay tuned though, there's plenty more to come before the year is over.

If you want to get your copy, click here. And FYI, if you buy the physical version, you'll get the Kindle match for free.

For now though?

Peace, love, and maki rolls.

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