Friday, November 6, 2015

Why you should watch the APB Tour Encanto Pro

If you like drama, how’s this for you? The 2015 APB world tour champion will be crowned in the last event of the season. Not only that, there’s three title contenders.

The 2015 Encanto Pro will bring quite its fair share of drama and heroics once competition goes underway. Amaury Lavernhe (Reunion Island), Pierre Louis Costes (France) and Jared Houston (South Africa) all have one thing in mind, to win the event and take the world title.

The final event of the APB tour will be held at Middles Beach at Isabela, a highly versatile wave that invites combination surfing, big aerial maneuvers, and a generous helping of barrels. Although not the most hollow wave on tour, Middles offers a wonderful canvas for people to really show their skill set.

Last time they had an event in Puerto Rico, Pierre Louis Costes won it also taking out the world title that year so he’ll be looking to defend his title and win a second world title. Along with him, the 2014 APB champion Amaury Lavernhe is looking to defend his world title and further show why he’s one of the most consistent and deadliest competitors on tour. Throughout the year, Moz has consistently been the in form surfer in all contests, showing a variety of moves and adaptability that showcase why he's a two-time world champion. And then there’s Jared Houston. During his 2015 campaign, he’s launched probably the two biggest airs of the year and both of them in Chile. One was in a quarterfinal where he basically took off on an 8-9 ft. wave and raced to a 12-13 ft section for a perfect 10. The sheer lunacy of that air is almost too much. The difference between him and the other two contenders is that he still doesn’t have a world championship, and seeing the way he’s riding this year, that’s a difference he wants to eradicate.

This is down to the wire and the drama will be on high since also local wild cards will be looking to take the event and seeing as it’s the final event, a lot of people on the bubble to requalify for next year’s tour will be pushing hard to make the cut.

The swell forecast for Sunday looks rather amazing so stay tuned at


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