Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The jersey number for Larry Bird... the age of Christ when he died on the cross... two threes spooning.... how old I turn today.

Waking up, I decided early that I’d like to spend part of it doing something I love... so here I am writing with Pearl Jam on my iTunes. True, the day may have quite a couple of things planned for my enjoyment, but for the first few moments, I wanted to do a couple of things that define me.

So here I am, etching thoughts on a keyboard, to see them come to life on a screen to send off into the digital ether in the coming moments.

If you ask me how my 32 were, I’d need to say very gratifying. I spent some wonderful moments with my wife, published my first book, have met hundreds of amazing people through social networks, have read some great books, started countless projects, surfed some fantastic waves, hung out with some terrific friends and family, reconnected with old ones, lost touch with others, drank wine, drank beer, ate delicious food, took control over my health and have progressively worked to being a more positive person.

Not bad...

But that’s just scratching the surface, today is just another beginning. 32 was great, but my daily mantra does include me reaching a new high score in the videogame of life.

So I’m currently working on the sequel to my book, participating in a #WIPmarathon, working on a YA book, about 75% done with a compilation I’m working on and seeing how things slowly, but surely align with my wishes, through positive feelings, by connecting the dots, my dots, with people.

Social platforms are all the craze for marketers and I’ll admit it’s a bit disgusting seeing the froth on the face of some clients who insist on seeing numbers, profits and clients. For me... I’m all about connecting, through a post, a tweet, a comment, a direct message, a story, my books, a conversation, a phone call, a visit, a cup of coffee or a shared surf session.

If you want to get me a birthday present, you can refer my book to someone who loves fantasy literature, you can refer this blog if you read something that touched or inspired you, you can send me a message or drop a comment, you can send a tweet... you can help me connect.

32 was just the beginning of this...

Now 33?

33 is divine.

And it’s not just divine because that’s my current age and I have to fill a new bracket on some online surveys. It’s divine because I choose to make it divine and to mean something. That’s because some time ago, I realized that behaving that way and embracing life is a decision... do people lose touch? Sure. Will disappointment rear its head from time to time? Of course. But that doesn’t mean we can’t embrace something larger than us and do something basic, simple yet essential.


So on my birthday, I’ll invite you to do all of the above, although with one condition, that you do it with a smile.




  1. I love this so much ! Lewis Carrol eat your heart out, this story makes Wonderland look dull ! Can't wait to read the next one. Thank you !

  2. lovely post... found it just a few days after my birthday... sounds really inspiring & makes me think & regret a bit my last year of life... yet the new one has just started & it brings some hope i don't want to lose... some sparkles which i want to become a huge fire to light up my life & everything & everyone around to make it shine... i'm having colors i want to use & the words i want to say... things i want to do... dreams that may come come true... thank u for sharing ur views & thoughts & for inspiring me & making me think & wanting to do more ^_^

    1. Thank you for your comment Katherine. Birthdays were once a tough thing for me, something I'll write about later because writing did help me cope with that. Now, for about 5 years I had trouble celebrating, until with the support of people who loved me I decided to drop the sour grapes and recognize all the sweet things life has given me. I'm looking forward to your fire to light up many lives. There are words to say so say them, do the things you want to do and live. Thank you for reading my views and thoughts and I'm honored and thankful that they inspire, make you thing and invite you to live more.