Sunday, August 4, 2013

Music to write to: Ólafur Arnands – For now I am winter

At times electronic, at times minimalistic orchestrations, at all times ethereal and floaty, For now I am winter was an album I literally stumbled upon while looking for something else. Although Olafur‘s voice doesn’t make its presence felt on each and every track, it doesn’t need to. The soundscapes are wonderful musical vistas that take you to a cold place where the only thing to keep you going is the rhythm of the music.

When vocals do make an appearance, a definite Sigur Ros vibe is felt although with a deeper voice. It’s not just that it’s a lower register, it’s that while Jonsi pretty much sounds like a melancholic angel, Olafur sounds painfully human. The music soars, swells, recedes and flows like the tides. There are highs and lows although an overall theme of sadness is present, which makes sense given the title of the album.

I often post music that is beautifully sad because it helps me project that emotion and lets me get to where I have to get so I can write something where the ink is jittery because I was almost shaking as I wrote. It’s music to inspire and to allow yourself to feel and I insist on the benefits of reaching down to the pit of your stomach, because when you write wanting to cry… that thread of emotion knits the story and let’s you achieve a moment of connection with anyone.

And that’s what it’s all about for me… the journey, the emotion, the story… and the connection.



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