Saturday, August 31, 2013

Geek is the new sexy

Geeky women of the world, rejoice… there are droves of men hungry to love you. Men who want women who read, who want to talk with you about what is happening in the X-Men Universe, who dream about you when you Cosplay and who love you just the way you are.

Although some sectors of the videogaming and the nerd contingents are still resistant to accepting women as peers, the paradigm is breaking and I can’t be happier. Women are being recognized for their beauty within and beyond. Women who love to eat ice cream, women who can have six packs abs or a little fluff, real women, of ALL types. That’s because beyond sex, there are men who like to talk. Sure there is still an overabundance of jocks, then again, there are jock women… so they can make jock sex, have jock babies and enjoy themselves... it is their right. Now, that doesn’t change the fact that every day, there are more geeks… it’s becoming popular to be a geek, there are TV shows that promote geekism as a valid and worthy sector in society… one that needs more attention and support and who is getting more people every day.

Although there will unfortunately always be a place for superficiality and vanity, there is a push towards an intellectualism I actually am interested in promoting through my writing. There is a movement to be yourself, love yourself and improve yourself. It’s not only just OK for women to like comic books, it’s becoming those AHA! moments when guys know they found their soul mate because she corrected him on which was the correct date on which the Hobgoblin made his first appearance (1983 in the Amazing Spider Man #238).

That’s because there are men who love you with your glasses, don’t take them off. That’s because there are men who actually like your hair color, no matter which color you choose for a particular week. That’s because it doesn’t matter if you're thin, chubby, ripped, bubbly, cheery, serious, goth, punk, black, Asian, freckled, have braces or don glasses… you are beautiful in your own way and every day, it’s becoming easier for men in general to join the bandwagon of seeing beyond what is sold in the media as beautiful, instead responding to the beautiful women you are.

We only ask that you remain true to yourself, be healthy, keep reading, stand your ground, and by all means, outgeek us. Explore the woman you are and love her. Give her good food, good things to read, and indulge in great conversation. Feel free to have a brownie or eat your ice cream yet also feel free to eat an apple or a grape. Rot away a Sunday as a couch potato, yet take a walk later... and ask us to go with you.

We know the media has insisted that you need to be a certain way to be considered beautiful; we beg of you, DON’T LISTEN TO THE MEDIA. Don’t listen to trends or fashion statements… listen to your heart and soul and be yourself. Allow yourself to have action figures and play videogames, and also allow yourself to learn to dance. Drink beer, have a soda, toast with wine and also drink water.

Above all else, be yourself… because after all, a woman, who knows what she likes, how she likes it, and why she likes it will be sexier than anything you try to emulate. Let the cool kids have their fun… in the end, they will have to face a sad fact… that what you are today is what will be cool in a couple of years, and they’ll have to catch up and backtrack on their pompousness.

So here’s to all the beautiful geeks of the world, the future of sexy is yours.

Peace, love and maki rolls,



  1. Simply lovely and definitely food for thought...

    However, have you stopped to think that there are men out there who don't appreciate the female form in the way that you do?

    Such shame if you ask me.

    It's very encouraging to read articles like this one, full of positive energy.

    Keep doing what your doing. It gives hope and keeps it alive.


  2. I'm glad it is food for thought.

    As for your question, there are many men out there who are superficial [and a lot of superficial women as well :) ] It is an immense shame because there are too many women who aren't able to recognize how wonderful they are or think they are lacking for some reason or another and it's just not true. And self image is just one topic, there are many more to explore.

    It is a very big shame that men miss out on a wonderful connection by being superficial. Though like I said, there are men smart enough to see real beauty.

    I'm glad this post is encouraging and if you think anyone can benefit, by all means, share it.

    I'm doing what I'm doing to push for a positive impact in the life of everyone I come in contact with. I'm glad it fuels the flames of hope and invite you to look at the mirror and smile at the wonderful person you are.

    Have a great day.