Saturday, August 24, 2013

Music to write to: Maya Beiser

When talking about her music, there are two things that need to be highlighted about Maya Beiser: the music itself and her performance. While Zoe Keating has a samurai focus to her approach and channels music that echoes scenes I’ve written and deep feelings within the shadow of my soul (wonderfully haunting experiences to be honest), Maya Beiser rides her cello like a bat out of hell.

She becomes so ABSOLUTELY LOST in her instrument that just seeing her play could make you blush because you’re peeking into something carnal and intimate. Being quite candid, I honestly have a hard time thinking of a woman who looks or COULD look as sexy as Maya while she plays her cello. And being even more candid, I think she’s more sensual and sexier than most strippers could even dream to be.

I highlight her performance and her sensuality because not only does she go by the moniker  @cellogoddess, but because that name fits perfectly. I also like to make light of that because it’s not often you think of a cello or classical music and think sexy... and seeing her perform, it’s hard not to. Add to this the sheer level of talent and how she innovates grooves with a loop station and you can see why she’s so easy on the ears.

The music I’ve heard so far, Time Loops and Provenance are provocative and provide sheer enjoyment in the variety of sonic textures she explores or the deep meditations you can achieve by riding her music. I listen to Time Loops and have glimpses of scenes of a future project I’m working on and which will probably be one of the toughest I take on... needless to say, I’m eager to finish other projects to put my writing where my mouth is. And if anything, you can definitely count that Maya will be on the playlist while I explore this new world that is already shaping up in my mind.

To finish up, let me say this about both Zoe Keating and Maya Beiser... these beautiful women who have so much talent inspire me to compare them to Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page... both are guitar gods, one is flashier, the other one is more blues oriented and both make the world a better place to listen. So do Maya and Zoe, so by all means madams, cello on... and on... and on.


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