Saturday, August 3, 2013

Challenge accepted

While browsing through the seas of data on the Internet, I came across an interesting challenge for the month of August... a writing marathon. Did I arrive late to the party? Just a few days, but that doesn’t mean I’m not motivated to push myself to the limit... especially during my birth month. So as a present to me, here’s what I’ll be working on during the month of August.

Ten chapter of the already titled yet unrevealed sequel to Only Human

Write 10 chapters (First Draft) (15K words approximately)

Finish sci-fi short story that's been cruising for a while now (about 8K-10K words short... yeah "short story")

Finish story arc for another narrative I've had marinating for a while.

Write 4 chapters of YA book I've had on hold.

Write 20 poems (English and Spanish).

Write 4 essays for a collection I'm working on (10K-15K words).

Write 20 blog posts (varying length).

So by all means, stick around... it’s gonna get busy around here.

Peace, love and maki rolls

* Image found on Sherryn Groch's website.

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