Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Avast, fellow Humans; there’s a Comic Con a Comin’!

For the Second Year in a Row, I’ll be participating in the Puerto Rico Comic Con from May 22-24. Denying there is excitement is not even an option because there’s plenty of it on all fronts.

Firstly, the organizers are excited because this is the first year the Con will be 3 days. For people who haven’t had the chance to see all there is on offer at the PRCC, this is huge because it’s a full extra day of awesome geekness.

Then there’s the guest artists. They might think they’re coming for a small Con and are looking forwards to some sun and maybe a fan or two. Big surprise, Puerto Rico has some of the most fervent fans in all likes of life, from sports to concerts and celebrities, we’re a loud fun bunch and if you’re looking for a party, we are your huckleberry field.

Of course, there’s people like me: the artists, the writers, the people who get this wonderful opportunity to meet the people who enjoy the stories we have to tell. It is incredibly gratifying and I know we all put our everything into what we bring to the PRCC. We feel the responsibility to put forth works in our own disciplines that are worthy of this platform and I already have some local favorites whom I ALWAYS visit.

To boot, there’s the cosplayers and locally, every year they take it up another notch or three and it’s awesome to see. You see, I may be in my mid thirties, but make no mistake, I’m a fanboy and I’m a huge cosplay fan. From accurate, to outrageous, to complicated, I love it all and to see people with a dayjob and “ordinary lives” break out of the shell is inspiring on several levels.

So in the end, everyone’s a winner because neither the fans nor the artists nor the exhibitors know the meaning of holding back when it comes to sharing our love for all things geek and I am proud to give my all to push myself and deliver works that transcend genres and borders, just like this event.

Cheers and happy ComicConning!

Peace, love and maki rolls

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