Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why I fully support the Puerto Rico Comic Con

The Puerto Rico Comic Con is a world class event.

Let me explain.

For the longest time, PR has had a bad reputation of taking shows and concepts and doing a cheap knockoff version for people on the Island. From versions of the Bachelor, Survivor, and remakes of movies, to lord knows what, it was a bad habit for Puerto Rico to think, act and deliver like second best.

When you go to the Puerto Rico Comic Con, you see that this habit has been eradicated. Year after year you get high quality guests from movies, from comics, from voice acting and from everything you can imagine. This year has Jason Momoa, an actor entering and enjoying his prime if there ever was one. This is not a B-List event, it’s not what they could muster for the people on the Island.

This is the declaration that we are not limited in scope, potential or ambition. It’s gone from inviting people and looking for guests to having a waiting list of people eager to be part of this event. This isn't your local small scale event, this is an activity where over 40,000 attendees will roar their voice in unison that we are global.

If it were just the event itself, that would be enough… though like an infomercial, I have to say, “but wait there’s more.”

The Puerto Rico Comic Con is already huge and attracting people from all over, but it’s also supporting other events that support local talent, from local artists to short films, there are burgeoning projects and others that are just getting started. In that way, the PRCC is on its way to becoming a cultural driver that defines an era of fandom and pop culture, proudly saying, sure we have pristine beaches, historical monuments and a rich multicultural history, but we also have talent, we have dreams, and we do this while working in Paradise.

So when you’re wondering what to do for May 2016, consider this my heads up for an event that you have to see to believe.


  1. This makes me want to be there,I understand completely how much it means to you,to Puerto Rico,i hope it turns out flawless and hope the celebrations are heard worldwide..all the best.I like how you are so involved with this,proud citizen huh. :)

    1. Very proud of this event and being part of it. These people put on a fantastic show that is a world class event. For me, it's the opportunity to show that although a small Island, we can be proud and also humble when we share what we can do. This year's show was even bigger than last year's and it was an honor to be in the Artist Alley with such high caliber talent. Expect plenty of pictures and a recap of all I was able to see, which was a fraction of the celebrations. :D