Sunday, May 17, 2015

Daydreams come to Raelity

What started as a random conversation between two writer friends has become a book. A book for people of all ages. A book about dreams.

My latest published book includes fantastically whimsical stories, written with ink from the stream of thought. There is only one rule and it is followed adamantly, have fun and smile. Out of all the projects I’m working on, none come close to making me giggle and smile while I write as do the daydreams. They are some of the most special stories in my life and the plan is simple, to write them for as long as I live.

Right now, the first volume is available in print and digital form on Amazon. It includes 5 of the daydreams, drawings made by the talented Miss Frances Lugo and an extra section containing poetry straight from Draem. The poems talk about some of your favorite characters from the Lucid including yours truly.

It is also the second book released on Mother’s day, which prompted a new literary tradition for me, but that’s another post.

This series is my tribute to the healing power of dreams and the importance of not only embracing your inner child, but playing tag with it. There is plenty of play on words and the adventures range from discovering the realms within the Lucid to just enjoying a bottle of Giggle Suds at the Parched Pumpkin.

So if you’re in the mood to read something that just may bring a smile to your face, feel free to stop on by. After all, life is just a dream.

Peace, love and maki rolls

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