Saturday, May 30, 2015

State Farm has nothing on my neighbors at the PRCC

I’ve always thought that if you surround yourself with the right people, good things can happen. That applies to people whom you work with as well as just in general people who are around you. At the Puerto Rico Comic Con, I’ve learned the value of having cool people around me and of having people who aren’t on the positive spectrum of life.

Last year I had one awesome neighbor called Juan Fern├índez and it was super lovely to get to meet him and his lovely wife. On my other side was a nice guy as well, although one of those people who find an issue and a problem in every equation. He was nice, although a bit draining. I still wish him the best in his cosplayer project and have no doubt he’ll do a brilliant job with his team. Trust me, the guy was this HUGE reservoir of cosplay knowledge and well applied, it will be wonderful on film.

This year, both my neighbors were thrilled to be there every single moment and when you’re constantly tense because you’re talking to hundreds and hundreds of people, having a positive vibe makes all the difference.

On my right side was Karelys Luna, a multi talented digital artist-singer-illustrator and vocal coach. On her website you can see some of her work and like me she’s not in the mood to limiting herself. I was very impressed with her photo skills and am probably going to contact her for a couple of ideas I have. She was a bit jumpy being her first year and didn’t know what to expect, though she came with open expectations, enthusiasm and an open heart. The result? A great weekend where she sold a bunch of prints and reached her cap for commissions by Saturday afternoon or early Sunday.
On my left side was Marcos Trujillo. An artist with a speed of thought for witty sketches that easily bring about plenty of smiles from anyone who is a Comic Book fan. It went like this, you have a favorite character, a rough idea of what you’d like to see and in ten minutes, boom, original artwork that is quirky, fun, and well thought out. He worked the ENTIRE Weekend so definitely should be a bit tired even a full week after the Con has finished. Regardless, seeing him in his element, I suspect that’s maybe how I look, bent over and smiling over a notebook. A truly nice guy, it was a pleasure to have him nearby.
Which brings me to my next point. Unlike other people, we all wanted each other to be successful. We all wanted more sales for the other and more connections with fans, casual and serious alike. We wanted as many people to see their booth as we did ours and THAT’s the vibe of most of the people at the PRCC. Sure, there might be competition, but there wasn’t much envy or at least I didn’t experience it. I saw people rooting for each other, wishing plenty of good luck and fortune and smiling at every sale we made and every person who left our presence smiling.

With energy like that, you can’t go wrong.

So my thanks to Karelys and Marcos: for being successful, for loving what they do, for wishing well, for being happy for our mutual success, for the little chats we were able to enjoy during the weekend and for bringing positive energy into our artistic corner.

Peace, love and maki rolls.

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