Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Return of Blanc Comics

For the second year in a row, I have been presenting my Blanc Comics along with the rest of the Estrada library. This is a very special project in honor of my late grandmother, Tata. You see, Tata had advanced Glaucoma and her vision was severely impaired. Still, the memory of her lingers. Sweet smelling hands, soft as silk and a beauty that stuck around til the day she passed. 

I was always amazed at the stories she used to share and the level of detail she had in her stories (something mom inherited, by the way). So thinking of her and channeling her ability to tell a vivid tale, I decided to make my own comics. The stories are there and fully fleshed. Actions can be heard, panels have been set and descriptions have been given… but there are no visuals, for as a storyteller, I am blind and I need you to help me see the story I have to tell. 

For this year, I have the second episode for the first two Blanc Comics titles: Tricks and ladders and Raining Dead.

It’s a very special series because it is part of a larger project I’m working on and which I hope to share before the end of this year. It’s also the chance for any artist to show me what they can do with the story I have to tell. You see, there are no two identical perspectives in this world… and that’s a beautiful country I hope we can explore together. 

So thanks for reading and most definitely, thanks for filling in a Blanc and letting me see the stories I have to tell. 

Peace, love and maki rolls.

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