Friday, May 29, 2015

The Nutshell Buffet from the 2015 PRCC

 The Puerto Rico Comic Con has come and gone and I, along with many a fan and an artist were left tired, sore and utterly satisfied. I’d been going to the PRCC for years when last year I was invited to take my book along for the ride in my very own exhibitor. It was another step in my career and one that has allowed me to enjoy the Con in a whole new way.

For last year’s recap, click here.

For this year’s recap, put your seatbelt on, it’s going to be a hearty post.

So if you didn’t go, what did you miss?

First off, Jason Momoa was this year’s main guest and he not only went above and beyond to be a cool guy, I think out of all the PRCC guests in the event’s history, he’s the one who most enjoyed what Puerto Rico has to offer. From going on natural water slides, to eating local food and probably putting on an extra pound or 5 he’ll have to shed, he completely went with the flow and it showed. He’s a smiley guy, sure, but there’s no denying he loved Puerto Rico. In the panels, the only thing he didn’t do was strip (sorry ladies, maybe for the next Con). Although  I didn’t see him up close, everyone who did told me three things: 1. He’s big… as in very big. 2. He’s super cool and smiles all the time. And 3. He’s having a blast. And that’s where I’m going with this. Guests at the PRCC are consistently surprised by how good a time they have inside the Con and enjoying the Island.Check out his Instagram and this link (it's in Spanish). 

Katrina Law also definitely enjoyed the convention although on her side of the equation, I think the biggest surprise were the fans! That’s another thing, as far as crowds go, Puerto Rico is one of the best places to see a concert or sporting event because fans here are hardcore. She was on this big stage and looked over at the crowd causing this huge reaction and she was honestly shocked at how pumped we can get. Make no mistake, if you like easygoing crowds we’re not the bunch you’re looking for. We’ll look out for each other, of course, but be quiet? Impossible.
That’s just two guests I’m mentioning and from the panels, people seem to have brought a great series of questions showing that as far as fandoms, we can hold our own and then some. Speaking of which, we have our local Star Wars and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers crews among other established groups. When I tell you fans here are hardcore, I mean it. You don’t know what it’s like to be driving down the freeway only to see someone driving the Ghostbuster’s Ecto-1. By the way, of special note was Troy Baker's acoustic set he performed on the closing night. I had no idea he played and sang and he delighted people with songs from Radiohead to Glen Hansard. I was really impressed and he was very gracious to the crowd. 
Next up are the artists. DAMN what a solid showing. I saw local talents and people from the states who brought their A+ game. From locals like Juan Fernández, Gambit Meléndez, Marcos Trujillo, the brilliant JA! Comics or the dynamic duo of Soda Pop Comics, to visitors like Dave Dwonch, Caleb King and Juan Carlos Baez and dozens of other high caliber artists who live and breathe these types of events. I got myself some sweet books and artworks courtesy of a few of the above mentioned names and the biggest challenge is to control yourself. Trust me, if you have cash to spare, you will find something you’ll love.

Then, we have to talk about one of my personal favorites every single year: the cosplays. This year I saw Coraline, Cuban Pete (The Mask), Ace Ventura, Bettlejuice, Totoro, Kung Fu Panda, and dozens of others. Seriously, check out my facebook page or google plus gallery to see who I was able to get a pic with. My highlights though were three kids, pictured below.

Videogames were offered, trailers were screened and exclusive figurines (only available at the 2015 Puerto Rico Comic Con) also made this an event to not miss ESPECIALLY if you are a collector. I took a stroll by many a shop and quickly turned tail because there were so many awesome things, vintage and new, up for grabs.

Past issues were dealt with professionally, i.e. lines moved a lot faster, the weapons check for cosplays was more efficient and the 42,500+ attendees over the 3-day event were more than pleased.

As for my experience during my second year as an exhibitor, it was stellar… but that’s another post.

See you at next year’s Puerto Rico Comic Con.

Peace, love and maki rolls


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