Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sometimes when I’m lonely I read myself

Ok suggestive titles to one side, this post is about me reading my first novel for the first time in its physical version. As far experiences go, it was quite interesting to read myself. Only Human was a work that took me 7 years to complete from inception, research, writing, editing, losing the first three chapters, rewriting and publishing digitally and then physically.

Throughout the process I had to read the manuscript front to back at least 8 times, but that is nothing like full on READING your book. It was exciting, intimidating, curious, rewarding and quite honestly, very revealing.

As far as my book goes, I enjoyed it greatly and that’s me being as objective as I can about something I crafted. It was nice not only to pick up my book but to see when I got the bug that tells me you’re not letting go of this book.

The setup of the book takes a good while and I’m happy for it because for the future two installments it offers me quite the backdrop and a generous amount of options in regards to backstory, twists, and development.
Also for me, it was a very revealing experience because I really see when I find my voice as an author. Some people have asked me if I’ll edit the book further and the answer is a simple no. I don’t think many people have the luxury of seeing that moment when you have that breakthrough and shift from craft to story and I can see it clearly. I also remember the moment when writing ceased to be a war of attrition and became a need and a borderline obsession. You see the second half took me about a third as long to write as the first half. The same goes with the book. The second half was honestly hard to put down and that’s not me blowing smoke up myself.

Other revelations are in plot points, dialogue, character development, and other things. I see how some things mirror my outer world at the moment while other things reflect my inner feelings while I was writing. If anything, I’ve tried to make the most of my emotions and when I need to write something happy or sad and my mood coincides, I feel it shows. It’s not to say I only write happy stuff when I’m happy and so forth, but if the mood aligns, I do my best to channel it (poetry is much easier for me to do this and I often have a notebook or my cellphone notes handy for that same reason).

What did surprise me pleasantly quite often was that I actually did surprise myself. There’re little tidbits and details I completely forgot about and when I saw them on the page I couldn’t help but smile. That and the Easter eggs or mentions. When I say there’s a ton of little nods or big nods to bands, artists, writers and people who mean a lot to me, I mean it. From Pink Floyd, to Pearl Jam, the Eels, The Who, Jimmy Hendrix, Metallica, Tool, Frank Herbert, Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, Big Trouble in Little China, etc. It’s fun to see how bits of me make it into my writing and I hope readers enjoy as much as I did.

It was lovely to rediscover parts of me through my words and it does inspire me to read my own work in part to learn more about me and in part because I’m not half bad :D

So here’s to you fellow readers. Hope you enjoy my words as much as I do crafting them.

Peace, love, and maki rolls.

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