Saturday, September 5, 2015

Writing - No one said it was going to be easy

Being a writer is a challenge in and of itself, self published or otherwise.

For me, the dream is there. I can taste it. The stories flow. The poetry doesn't stop. I take experiences good and bad, and channel them to transform them into something memorable. I've found my voice and expand on it, discover it, invite it to speak up, whatever it has to say, and people read and enjoy.

But being an indie author can be a massively taxing ordeal. In my case, being in Puerto Rico is an added bonus challenge especially since most of my writing is in English, something I've been questioned about for quite some time.

Here's the thing, there are very few book stores in Puerto Rico not dedicated to school texts or religious literature. I'd already gone to a religious bookstore to see how the dynamic was and a good word for it was weird... there was just no chemistry. Today I went to a bookstore that is nearby the University of Puerto Rico and found yet another store that isn't a fit for me.

Part of me is sure that I'm not finding the right places and that same part insists that maybe I need to look elsewhere... as in way elsewhere... off the Island elsewhere.

I've found two places where I've found people who are interested in my writing, one bookstore and the Puerto Rico Comic Con. At the book store, they still have one copy of my novel and some copies of my first poetry collection. I am looking for at least one more bookstore to do another activity and will be getting creative with how I present my work.

That's the thing, I believe in my work. I have the support of a growing number of readers who enjoy and believe in my stories and my words. I have readers in Europe, Belarus, India, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, the UK, the US, Puerto Rico and several other countries and I'm grateful for their kind eyes to read me.

But on a day like today, this is the type of day when you look at what you write and you dissect it and even with a bitter disposition, approving of what you read means the world.

That's me.

That's my voice.

And I believe in that voice.

I'm sharing these words in part as catharsis, in part to do something productive with what I feel inside, and in part to answer some questions to people who have written me asking for writing advice.

You want to know the single most important piece of advice I can give you as a writer?

Don't care about what doesn't matter. 

The main thing you have to believe in is yourself, your words, your story, your voice. If you achieve that you can get through any rough patch and in the end what has to matter the most is your writing.

You don't look to the side, you don't look back, you always look forwards. 

Today I went to a place that wasn't the right fit.

What's my response?

A blogpost, working on the cover of my next poetry collection, submitting a poem for competition, and writing.

No one said writing was going to be easy. And even with days like this, I can't say it's not worth it. Quite the contrary actually.

So forwards dear frands.

Always forwards.

Peace, love, and maki rolls.

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