Monday, September 21, 2015

Method to Madness: Finding your space

When you write, one of the biggest challenges is finding a place where you can write without being disturbed. If you ask me, it’s easier for some people more so than others. In my case, all I honestly need is a notebook, some writing device, and more than likely my headphones to help me tune out the world and tune into my writing.

Regardless, I’ve found that at some places I write more than others and in certain cases, some places inspire writing more than others. By this what I want to tell you is that it’s cool to have one place to write, though you might like to check out several places to see if you find another option in case your space is unavailable or to explore different aspects of your creativity.

Truth be told, I’ve written SO much work in local Taco Makers that you’d believe their sauce or chicken is downright magical. But the truth of the matter is much more simple. It’s a place where I sit down and write and people for X or Y reason don’t feel the need to say hi. At other places I go for lunch it’s hard and sometimes impossible to get my own space because of people saying hi or just the level of noise. But there? Boom, writing gold. Still, I also have other places where I can find my own space. The interesting part is how one project or another likes certain places more than other options.

That’s because stories, poems, posts and whatever you create has a mood as well and they know what they like and how to express themselves. For me, tacos apparently seem to resonate with many of my projects, lol, plus it’s a bargain lunch that is among the better options when it comes to fast food.

A nearby cookie shop is also apparently good to me and my writing because I can settle into one corner and people for the most part leave me be or actually add to the experience. It’s the oddest thing because even if I’m interrupted, it’s always in a positive way and in THAT place, I don’t mind, for some reason.

There’s also places I don’t go to or have stopped going to because there’s simply no inspiration there whatsoever. The thing is that I love places that have some natural lighting, I don’t like cave-like places for the most part and although I love people watching, I need the right amount, which changes from day to day. It sounds bonkers I’m sure, but it works.

So the invitation is simple, find your place, your writing nook, and then find a couple more so you have the freedom to change environs in case you need that switch to push through a particular section of one project or another.

Peace, love, and maki rolls.

So tell us, what's your favorite place to write?

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