Friday, October 30, 2015

Rant in Estrada Minor: The adventures of Beau and his B.O.

When it comes to aromas, fragrances, Beau had a beautiful name but an awful smell. The type of man worthy of a pictorial or video, he was certainly appealing to at least 3 of 5 senses. Unfortunately his personality was as paper thin as deli sliced salami and his odor ranged much in the same vein, maybe pastrami.

Which goes to show, beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but if the smell of someone makes those eyes tear, there’s no way back from that pitfall. Domino effects ensue when he hails a taxi and smoke alarms faint like one of those European Michael Jackson fans.

Still, some brave women endured the stench if only for one night of septic passion with the Dumpster Adonis. The pleasure was almost worth the aftertaste… almost.

You see, Beau’s B.O. was not limited to his skin, but everywhere. It was like a vomit inducing bouquet buffet. The problem is that since smell is directly linked to memory, when women remembered the delicious night of love making, so did their gag reflex.

Beautiful Beau with his horrible B.O.,
An anthropomorphic Pepe Le Peux,
A miasmic maelstrom,
The lover whose touch was forgotten,
But never his scent.

Beautiful Beau with a stench like no other,
Had abs like a God
And a smell to which you would shudder.


  1. OMGosh!!! poor Beau...laughed but felt guilty :))

    1. hahahno need for guilt, he needs to shower and be pleasant, PERIOD lol. :D