Sunday, December 21, 2014


Tone often defines message more than content. Emotions deal in tone and not in wordcount and as a writer, I always do my best to pay special attention to tone. If you also happen to love music, the importance of tone gains even greater significance. 

In the barest of terms, to a guitarist, tone is everything.

Writers are similar. 

Regardless of the genre, some people have a particular tone to them and they can play with tone in countless ways. It’s not the same to hear a bubbly secretary say “hi!!!!” than it is to see Ross waddle into Central Perk and say “hi…….”

In life, we often catch or miss someone’s tone which leads to either confusion or understanding.

As a very audio oriented person, I am fascinated by tone because things we don’t want to say or things we want to say but can’t manage to spit out are all over our tone. It’s all about listening instead of hearing.

Hearing is just having something wander around your ear.

To listen requires paying attention, and that is one of the most human gifts you can give anyone. 

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