Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Writer Wednesday: Cate Evans

Some of the best people we follow aren't necessarily published authors although the weight of their words is profound. Cate Evans is an English lass with cheek to spare and a brilliant mind.

Passion comes in many shapes and sizes, and Cate is no exception. Her blog often shows bright rays of brilliance and following her on different social media is highly recommended. Here are some questions so you can get to know her a bit better. 

1.    Greetings and salutations Cate, so happy to have a chance to catch up with you. To start things off, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself and what topics really inspire you? 

Hello and Happy New Year. Thank you for inviting me to share a little about me. I suppose you could say I am a lover of variety, so as well as being a Mum, I work in Biotechnology. I write about anything and everything that inspires me and love the opportunity to let my imagination roam free. If you checked out my family tree that might explain a lot about me, it's varied to say the least.

2. How has social media changed your life? 

Professionally I have been fortunate enough to work with people from all over the world. Social Media has meant I have now been able to connect with people worldwide on a personal level, from talking to people in Asia in the morning to chatting with people in the US in the evening. People fascinate me and being able to connect with people whose lives are completely different to mine is a delightful experience. 

3. Reading your blog, I wonder why you haven’t published yet. Do you have plans to publish something in the near or not so near future? 

Maybe because I am finickity. :) Joking aside, I am currently writing a book that originally started out as a short story. You know how these things are, the characters quickly took on a life of their own and who am I to deny them the time they deserve to tell their story.

4. If you could make a positive impact on 3 causes in the world, what would they be and why?

First would have to be the environment. To me it seems logical: if we don’t take care of this planet properly, we shall end up having nowhere to live. 

Secondly I love all kinds of animals, so I do what I can to help take care and protect them. 

My final cause we have to be helping people to realize they can make a positive impact to the world we live in. Grand gestures are all well and good but something as simple as wishing a stranger Good Morning and sharing a smile costs nothing and can make a wonderful difference to someone’s day.

5.So tell us, who is Bas and why should we keep an eye out for him?

Bas is my fluffy (not fatty) orange and white tabby cat and maybe unfortunately for him he seems to have picked up some of my quirky personality traits. He hates ham but loves cheese, has a fascination with water, which goes from trying to share a bath with me to attempting to push the lid off the toilet cistern when he can hear the water flushing. He is currently training me with regarding to fussing him; if I do not respond in what he obviously considers an appropriate time-frame to his verbal requests, he now uses his paw to tap me on the cheek whilst getting his face as close as possible so he can maintain eye contact and truly get his point across. I must confess I give in at this point. I dare to wonder what the next stage of my training would be if I didn't. I have a blog at where I share more of his adventures.

6.You are a powerful witch, but you need to hide your wand in plain sight, where would you hide it, how and why?

I would disguise it as a pen and as I have one of those in my hand quite often no-one would question me, that also means I can write up spells and with a flick of my pen... magic, ha ha.

7.You have been entrusted to create a magical wandering forest that is meant to heal the world, describe it and some of the plants and creatures that inhabit it.

The Forest of Sláinte would have one of every type of tree on the planet in miniature, collectively known as The Cognito Trees. They impart their wisdom to humans enabling us to work with nature and the planet rather than against it. The Owls of Hermes would be responsible for guiding the forest to the destinations it is needed each day. Once a person has seen the Flowers of Light, the memory of their beauty touches that person’s soul and from that day forward they do all they can to clean the skies so the Flowers of Light can shine above us all. The streamers, blue mole-like creatures are tasked with tunneling channels of clean water around the world.

8.What are some of the biggest challenges in your life and how have they shaped your plans for the future?

One of the challenges I have dealt with this year was finding out I had Breast Cancer. I am fortunate my philosophy has always been to find something to smile about and to enjoy the simple things in life everyday. I am quite a determined person and refuse to let something like this define me, I suppose you could say I choose to be happy and positive and in this case I think this mentality has served me well.

9.What drives you and what are some of your passions?

My love of learning, sharing, growing as a person and endeavoring where I can to make a difference along with a determination to make the most out of each day, opportunity and moment; something I think I inherited from my father. My passions... mmm is it wrong to start with puddings? :) Writing and reading are two passions I have had since I was about five and fortunately neither show signs of waning. I have a passion for philosophy and people are eternally fascinating, travel, photography and ancestry hunting to name but a few.

10. Where can people read more things Cate?

You can read more of my ramblings, poems and stories on my blog

My thanks to Cate for her time and attention and for always being able to choose a smile as the best option to live life. All the best and have a brilliant 2015. Be sure to check her out on Google+,Twitter and anywhere else where she decides to share her brilliance. 


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