Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Upwards and onwards

So it's December 31... it's amazing how fast a year seems to pass by until you really take a moment to check what you've done in the year. That's when you see just how much you can do in 365 days. So unlike other posts, I'm actually writing this one directly onto blogger, I'm not proof reading, copy checking or verifying anything, I'm writing as is and once it's written, I don't feel the need to change it. At least not this time.

I want you to read me, warts, typos and all.

So doing a recap of my year, what's gone down?

Well I actually got pneumonia and last check up showed healthy lungs ending their healing cycle. It was a scary experience, although one that made me stronger.

I worked a lot... a lot. I translated three text books, a website, a human resources manual over 100 pages long and countless other projects, in addition to a full time job while always ensuring that I performed to the best of my abilities. These jobs helped me learn to better organize my time and truly discover how much I'm capable of in one year... professionally.

Creatively, this blog has 114 blog posts... 115 with this one for 2014. In addition, I wrote 30+ other blog posts on another blog I used to contribute to... a chapter in my life I closed with great satisfaction since thanks to it, I was led to where I am now.

I released the physical version of Only Human, I released between the Tides and there are two collections set to go, the physical version of the Daydreams on the Sherbet Shore, The progress on the Human Cycle, a bilingual compilation and various things I'm working on. Everything is progressing... I am progressing.

Throughout this, I was also able to surf, to play guitar, to read, to play video games and that's just leisure.

I spent quality time with my wife, we traveled, we went to new restaurants and had new experiences. I saw friends I hadn't seen in a long time and have been blessed to meet new friends as well. All sorts of quality time.

Twitter continues to be the closest thing to a stomping ground although the kindness and engagement on Google+ has been a wonderful surprise.

I was able to help in the birth of Twist, I've made countless doodles, I've done plenty of skythoughts... and there's always the desire to do more. More ideas, more projects, more adventures.

Facebook is a challenge I hope to tackle because I would love for people to engage more there.

It's been a year that has had little to no idle moments and plenty of challenges.

It's a year where I learned what it means to be 8 months keeping faith in the health of someone you love. Mom was diagnosed with cancer, began treatment, had surgery and got her medical clearance recently. She is healthy, strong and showing that I have a big example to follow.

In addition, I participated in the Puerto Rico Comic Con, sold all my books, had my first book presentation, sold 23 books, participated in a book festival and all of this with no sponsoring. Just the desire to connect with people.

And that's what it's about, connecting.

As a writer, I use words in my best attempt to communicate what I feel and what's within me. I don't have a set plan of what I write, I go with the flow and just obey my muses... and there are plenty.

My path is not a conventional one, it is not a simple one... though don't take that to mean it is a burden... hardly. My work requires focus, concentration and time because I don't want to settle... I want to put out the best post, the best poem, the best short story, the best doodle, the best picture and the best novel I can.

In my life, if I flunked, mom asked me if I did my best... if I had done my best, whatever grade I got was fine... if not, then I had to ask myself why I didn't give more of myself.

In life, in love, in writing, I am committed to give my best.

I will make mistakes, I will learn, I will be offered the opportunity to overcome... and I will give my best.

Because every year, every month, every week, every day and every second where I do that... I realize it is my choice and that it allows me to connect further and make a positive impact.

So to you, who have been so generous to read me. Thank you.

To those who have bought my books and reviewed. Thank you.

To those who write me. Thank you.

To those who share me. Thank you.

And to those who allow me to be a part of your life. Thank you.

2014 has had its challenges... still, it's been a year with many blessings. And I will always choose to focus on that.

My best to you, dear friends.

Peace, love and maki rolls.

JD... warts and all

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