Monday, December 15, 2014

I love my mom’s boobs

Anyone who has read a dedication to one of my books knows I love my mom. If you’ve read Only Human, know that one of the characters is based on her (Mrs. Fawn)… and if you know me on a personal level, you know she’s truly one of the shining lights in my life and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her.

Earlier this year she was diagnosed with breast cancer. So when I say I love my mom’s boobs, I mean it, sincerely. 

She went through months of chemo keeping a spirit, joie de vivre and elegance about her that only she could pull off. I saw her offer other patients love and support when she herself was feeling less than fantastic. I saw her at her best times and saw her at her not so best times. Throughout, she stayed focused and showed that you don’t need to be made of metal to be an Iron Woman.

A week and a half ago she underwent surgery, 5 hours of waiting to see if everything is Ok with my Mom. She came out of it in pain, though alarmingly lucid and aware. She wasn’t drugged out or out of it, she was just annoyed by the pain. She answered all questions asked as if it were the most normal thing. She drank water, asked for food and told me to get some rest. Then more waiting until we got the results to pathology tests. 

You don’t know how long a minute is until you have someone you love under the knife and you don’t know how much a day can drag until you’re waiting for results from a test that basically says, you’re done, you’ve won, or you still have three more rounds to go.

In her fight against cancer, my Mom just got the TKO Victory in the tenth. 

The tests came back negative.

She is a winner. 

She’s my winner. 

She’s my mom. 

When I say I love my mom’s boobs, I mean it. Part of me would say because they let my Mom live… the reality is that there was no mulligan, no easy route, no anything… my Mom won and she did it all while smiling.

So when I say I love my mom’s boobs, it’s because once again life’s adversities invited her to bring out the best she has to offer, to shine and to conquer… and she did just that.

Here’s to you Mom, 


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