Friday, December 19, 2014

The two sexiest words to any author

The End.

When you are able to write down those words and know you’re done with a story and publish it, it is one of the greatest reliefs you could ever imagine. Mind you, you don’t need to write THE END, you just need to truly and fully finish something.

When you finish writing, it’s rewarding, but when you’re done with a project? Wow… just amazing.

For me, Only Human was an intense learning experience when it comes to truly being able to say I finished something.

I finished writing. Then came transcribing.

I transcribed. Then came editing.

I edited. Then came formatting.

Then registering copyright. Then submitting to the website where I sell my work. Then copy proof. Then receiving the final shipment. Then searching for reviews.

Before you know what’s happened, the book is live, it’s out there, you finished it… but you have to get it in front of people and you realize that there is never an end and that realizing such a thing is marvelous. 

So here’s to our neverending stories.

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