Saturday, December 6, 2014

Always move forwards

Life is what you make of it.

There’s no reason to be overly optimistic.

There’s no reason for pessimism either.

It’s our choice. It’s everyone’s choice.

In my life, my choice is to always move forwards. Even it’s one step. No excuses. No self-pity. No reason not to do what I want. I wasn’t always this way either, though I decided one day THAT’S the way I wanted to be. No point in coming up with valid wonderful explanations of why I haven’t done what I want. Instead, I’ve found reasons a plenty of why I can do whatever I want.

Sure, I may have responsibilities, but I also have the freedom to meet these responsibilities while I’m bringing my dreams to reality.

A lot of people plan, ponder and procrastinate. That’s their choice, although the detail is that many insist that they are not happy. I know fantastic people who can get stuck with the greatest of ease. Struck for days, and months at a time. They keep saying they need to do something yet somehow they manage to never do that something… just say they have to do it.

When you decide to move forwards, even the slowest day includes progress.

It’s not science, it’s not magic, it’s commitment to your vision.

I have a vision and my responsibilities shall never distract me from what I want to achieve.

Why do I share this?

Because people have convinced themselves they have to choose between one thing and another… the dream or the responsibilities. With our capacity for creativity and innovation, I want to offer a kind reminder that we are FULLY equipped to achieve whatever we set out heart and soul to, and do so while smiling. 

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