Sunday, December 28, 2014

Homosexuality should not be approved of

Old psychology diagnostic manuals used to label homosexuality as a disease or a condition.
Lucky for us, medicine has evolved and these texts have been revised, accordingly. And let’s face it, it might be in our best interest to take a page from medicine and evolve.

The vilification of homosexuality has occurred for centuries and it has never made sense. Simply put, you cannot measure a person’s worth due to their gender or sexuality.

Men and women alike have had to endure constant scrutiny and breathe deep as naysayers put an asterisk on their merit because of who they are attracted to.

In less than no time I can think of a list of a hundred straight people who are revolting to me and it has nothing to do with gender or even looks. It has everything to do with how they are as people.

Homosexuality is not a condition and not a choice either. It’s not like people consciously choose to be gay and the harsh reality is the opposite. Countless wonderful people I know have at some point lived in fear for how they are, how they feel and something basic that forms who they are.

I can’t help but subscribe to the group of people who think that’s not right.

Look at it objectively. Take away the prejudice and the religion and the fear. There is nothing to fear from homosexuality yet it is one of the greatest fears parents have in the upbringing of their children. How is it logical that homosexuality ranks beside violent tendency, drug usage, birth defects and being a screw up when it comes to how a person develops?

Actually some people might see a screw up and remark, “hey, at least they aren’t gay!”

As members of the 21st century world, maybe it’s time to let go of bad habits. Homosexuality is not vile, evil or remotely bad… it just is.

Approval of something implies judgment and establishing something as right or wrong. Like I said in the title of this post: homosexuality should not be approved of…

It should just be accepted. 

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