Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Will write for reviews

One of the biggest challenges as an independent writer is to get reviews. It might sound like something trivial or superficial, but awareness and word of mouth are two things that are immensely hard because they are out of our control. Sure, I could pay to be reviewed or pay for followes, but that’s not the idea.

It never is for me.

People have asked why a review 
is so important and there’s actually several reasons. 

1. Validation: That someone takes the time to leave a review is one of the biggest rewards because someone not only invested time in reading you, but felt the urge to tell others why what was written is worthwhile.

2. Other people notice: Every single time I’ve gotten a review or posted a picture of a review, I’ve gotten a sale or several. This is not me speculating. This is seeing the trends of my books and seeing the link, time and time again.

3. Encouragement: Be it a good review or a bad one, any review can be motivation. I’ve been told by some people that they don’t like what I’ve written and instead of angering or saddening me, it’s inspired me it explore other interests and other genres in hopes that eventually I write something, at least one thing, that resonates with that person.

4. Motivation: I will make a confession, on days when I doubt my work or my abilities, I read the reviews I’ve gotten and they have on more than one occasion gotten me back on track to forge on.

So next time you see, read, listen to or experience anything of worth, let yourself be heard. There will be plenty of people thanking you, especially those whom you reviewed.

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