Thursday, June 4, 2015

I get by with a little help of my frands

I’ll come out and say it, although I love people reading me and interested in my work, for some reason it feels weird to talk about fans. The term fan is a bit weird even if it’s applicable because, well I’m just as much a fan of people and their enthusiasm. It is infectious and pushes me to better things and somehow it feels as if the term fan takes away from a parallel relationship between reader and writer.

In that sense, they’re friends because they motivate and encourage and do little things that many people wouldn’t think matter and which really make all the difference. So I guess I have frands. And boy, I have some awesome frands.

I have frands who write me on Facebook and keep in touch. I have frands on all types of social media platforms who ask about me, my wife and my family. People who don’t need to go even remotely above and beyond and who surprise me at every step of the turn. Frands who send me pictures of my book by the pool or near the beach. Frands who take selfies with my books and send them to me.

So dear frands, thanks for always doing more than you know to fuel the fire to write, to create, to connect and to give the best of me.

Peace, love and maki rolls.

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