Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Method to Madness: Be a tease

Some books are nice, others are highly enjoyable and others you simply can’t let go of. That last type of book causes you to stay up late and lie to yourself constantly each time you tell yourself you will only read one more page.

When a book is good, there’s no such thing as just one more page. You don’t just want to read more, you need to.

Ok, so what’s the trick?

Be a tease.

Be a terrible tease.

Leave people needing to learn what will happen next.

And one of the best places to tease is at the very end of a chapter.

The beginning of a chapter is also vital, mind you. It’s what gets readers interested, but that last sentence in a chapter? THAT’S where you get someone hooked.

That’s where people fall in love with you and hate you at the same time. When I finish a chapter, I go all out with that last sentence and it’s for two reasons: to have readers want to read more and getting me to NEED to write more.

Think of that person you liked and you couldn’t wait to see again. Think of advertising and how effective it is at making you want more.


Hold out.

Give just enough.

And when you’re certain you have their attention…

Tease some more. 

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