Monday, June 29, 2015

Taking a stance Value 1: Equality

Humans are not the same… and that’s a good thing.

In our heterogeneous existence, some of us are taller, shorter, skinnier, darker, more robust, fluffy, and hundreds of beautiful differences that help make us wonderfully different. But as humans go, there’s something that should be completely and unwaveringly homogeneous: our rights to equal treatment.

It’s 2015 and although I can accept that cars don’t fly, it’s a bit disconcerting to see that equality is an issue that we are still tackling.

Equality means for us to live and respect each other and coexist on common ground. Although we may have different skills and abilities, no one should be entitled to anything more than another person.

That laws actually exist to promote inequality is simply not good enough for these times.

We’re better than that.

The hand of justice must be level and fair.

Women deserve equal treatment and equal pay. I said equal, not preferential.

That’s an important thing to highlight. A lot of people insist feminists are working towards an inverted misogyny and I’m actually certain that some people would want that.

I don’t.

Many people don’t.

It’s about fairness and to balance out the scales while eliminating favoritism. That’s why I sometimes debate if I should say I’m equalitarian or something like that since to me I believe the topic of equality transcends gender and race, religion and orientation, caste and age.

Equality also applies to friends of ours who have a gay orientation. To me it’s insane that we allow laws to exist that allow companies to fire someone for their gender. Hell, even the military has at least taken baby steps to somewhat evolve in their handling of the topic at least accepting that the don’t ask don’t tell policy needed revamping and still does, by the way.

Gay, transgender or bisexual people deserve the same rights as anyone because in the end, they’re human; we are all human. I’m not saying you have to agree with them or their outlook on life. I’m saying that as humans, they don’t deserve an asterisk in their existence or conditional treatment.

The same with “minorities”. I put the word in quotes because to me it’s become a misnomer. Black people, Asians, Hispanics and other ethnicities make up a massive part of the US population and the world population in general. Treating anyone differently because of race is just silly. I’d say it’s childish except children don’t discriminate until they are taught to do so. There’s no logical reason to tolerate inequality or promote it either.

The field should be level. Rights should be equal. Our differences should be embraced and celebrated rather than feared or ostracized.

People deserve to have their rights as people and not have them encroached upon because we’re not mature enough to practice tolerance.

It’s 2015.

We’ve landed on the moon.

We’re exploring outer space.

We have found cures to countless diseases.

We’ve made computers we can carry in our pockets that allow us to connect to the world at large.

I think that tolerance and defending equal rights is not too much to ask for. 

I guess what I'm saying is, keep the flying cars... we don't need them a fraction as much as we do harmony. 


  1. I agree...equality leads to harmony and harmony is this write :)

    1. Happy you enjoyed, Seema. Here's to harmony and building bridges rather than tearing them down.

  2. :) peace,maki rolls and cheesecakes :)