Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Nepal is still happening

The death toll in Nepal after the earthquakes was staggering. Thousands of people have been found dead and many more may pass way due to the conditions and the challenges present at the top of the world. I am reminded of Chile, of Japan, of Indonesia and China, of India, of Haiti and even Katrina.

In their hour of need, we are facing social issues in various countries over several areas of interest. There are conflicts in Russia, Turkey, Lebanon, Venezuela, Sudan, Syria and beyond. There has been civil unrest in Maryland and plenty of other places. I’m not saying that Nepal deserves preferential treatment, but I am saying that maybe we can help ourselves by helping each other and reaching out to those in need.

Kathmandu is a grim reminder of how vulnerable and defenseless we are when nature decides to highlight how much of an advantage she has. Those other places I mentioned are a reminder of how delicate peace can be as well.

On one side of the world, we are fighting against each other while halfway across the world, people are fighting to survive. In the entire world, we’re being offered an opportunity to give our best and to pull together. So maybe it’s time to ask ourselves how we can get that done and all survive and thrive in harmony regardless of what life throws us.


If you'd like to donate to the Nepal Relief, click here for the cause I supported. Cheers

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