Saturday, June 13, 2015

Raelity and Draem

Dreams have a way of getting things backwards sometimes. So does Reality.

This is the reason why 
I switch some letters around in the description for the Daydreams on the Sherbet Shore Raelity and Draem. It is an intentional switch for several reasons including the ones stated above. I honestly do enjoy anagrams, shuffling letters around and being silly with names and words. The thing is that what I do with Raelity and Draem is none of those. It’s an intentional mistake in my attempt to create something memorable. 

I think it’s nice so many people have mentioned it and told me there's a typo. I’d actually love for kids to correct me as well, because they’d be completely right to do so. Why did the silly author write those two words wrong? Those are easy!

The honest truth is that, when talking about the Lucid, Draem and all the other dream worlds are loopy and loony. They’re a little crazy and a lot sweet because in life, sometimes you have to live mistakes and what is a mistake for someone is the proper definition for someone else. Btw, does that mean that there are several worlds within the Lucid which we will be exploring? Why yes… Draem is just one of the countries within the Lucid and part of my wish with the Daydreams is to have people draw the maps of each world, to write in requests and to have a blast. But that's a wish for the future. 

So here’s to roaming through Raelity, dear friends. After all, life is just a draem. :D

Peace, love, and maki rolls

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