Monday, October 5, 2015

Everyone has stories within

You have a story within you.

Actually you have SEVERAL stories within you.

I know you've been made to believe otherwise, but there is creativity inside. And a lot of it.

I'm always amazed at how many people say they are not creative, that it's just not in them and I can't help but disagree.

If you talk, if you interact with people, if you like gatherings, if you like gossip or the news, you like stories and probably have a great story to tell.

Don't believe me?

Ok, here are a couple of questions about your day to day life.

What's the most sick you've ever been?

What's the worst injury you've ever had?

Tell me about the best meal you've ever had. 

Write about that person who stole your heart when you were 13. 

What is the best birthday you can remember?

Each of those questions or statements can actually be a prompt for a story. You have friends whom you talk to on the phone... or well, tweet to (seriously how often do you talk to people on the phone nowadays?).

We all have stories from our day to day and the surprise is that those stories are no different in structure than a work of fiction. There's a plot, there's details, there's twists and turns, there's drama. Face it, if you're alive and you're conscious you have stories to tell.

What you also have is the fear of telling them, of putting them down on paper and having someone judge them. Part of you is afraid that your story is lame and hey, we all have that fear and we can all overcome it.

Oh another thing I've often heard is that people "aren't creative". Oh really? Tell me about an excuse you've given for getting into work late or not having your homework ready? Now really tell me how uncreative you are :)

Inside all of us are stories that can help shape the world, that can educate, that can entertain, that can transport someone to another place when they need an escape, that can make someone smile, that can make someone cry, that can make a difference.

So really, are you going to keep that treasure to yourself or are you going to share the wealth within?

Peace, love, and maki rolls.


  1. A beutiful reminder especially for me as I'm still not daring to step on those magic Story-land, but you gave me courage and inspiration with your words - thank you ^_^

    1. SO happy you enjoyed the reminder, dear frand. I hope you dare step into storyland soon... I have a feeling you'd bring forth something brilliant and very "you". Here's to diving into ourselves and finding the pearls of our stories. ;)