Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Good causes come in all sizes

I’ve always been interested in supporting good causes and bring whatever awareness I can to things I care about. For me, it’s important to help each other out and that includes large corporations or individual causes.

In regards to large organizations, I recently supported St. Jude’s Research Hospital with a donation to further promote research into child cancer. My mother being a breast cancer survivor, I want to give something back and to give to future generations who are going through something that took all of my mother’s willpower to overcome. When I see what she went through and I see children going through the same, I can’t help but feel absolute pride for their will and their attitude.

I recently did an effort to raise money to donate. When I tallied all royalties, I bumped up the amount and made a donation here. I'll attach my donation at the end of the post.

On previous occasions in my life, I’ve supported Amnesty International, Surfrider Foundation, the Nepal Relief Efforts, The Haiti Relief Efforts, Katrina Relief Efforts and several other institutions. I also support countless efforts by, and because if we can help, we should, be it signing a petition or making a donation (time or money). I intend on further supporting different causes, although I also focus on individual causes.

In regards to individual causes, during the last year, I’ve supported cancer treatment for a patient who is a coworker's sister, donated money to contribute to a patient with ALS who is at risk of losing his home, to aid in the recovery of a professional bodyboarder and also in the case of a good friend who had a terrible car accident and couldn't cover her medical bills. I do this because individual causes are as important as large ones.

Recently, I supported a good friend because she has the dream to study in Ireland and lacks the means to do so. She wishes to study psychology because it was so vital in her life and she wants to give back, a sentiment I can totally relate to. It’s not every day you can help someone achieve their dream and I did my part to help out, because dreamers should be encouraged to dream, especially when it is for a worthy cause. If you’d like to read about her story and help a dreamer out, here’s the link.

To end this post, I’d like to thank you for reading me, for buying my books, for helping me support good causes and for caring. The more we care the better a chance we have to leave something worthwhile to future generations.

My thanks and my best to you, always.

Peace, love, and maki rolls.


PS: Thanks to all who bought, donated directly and supported this cause.

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